Mystery box


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Unlock the thrill of the unknown with the H&J Mystery Box, where you get to choose your size and style preferences. It's a journey into the dualistic world of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, where the unexpected meets your unique taste.

STEP 1: Choose Your Style Delve into the dichotomy of your fashion desires. Select your preferred style, and our expert stylists will work their magic to curate the perfect pair of sneakers just for you.

STEP 2: Define Your Size Tell us your size number to ensure a comfortable fit for your one-of-a-kind kicks.

STEP 3: Unveil the Mystery or Keep it Secret? Now, it's decision time. Do you dare to unravel the excitement online as soon as you receive your package, or do you prefer to keep the mystery intact until you open the box at home?

Experience the thrill of anticipation and surprise with our €130 Mystery Box—a chic collection of unique sneakers at unbeatable prices. Discover your dual style persona as we expertly blend or contrast trends to enhance your individuality.

Give us some info, and let the adventure begin:

• SIZE NUMBER • DEFINE YOUR STYLE • Last but not least, do you wish to OPEN the box ONLINE or KEEP THE MYSTERY?


Each Hide&Jack product is synonymous with quality, accuracy e refinement. A recurring topic is the concept of duality, in fact we as H&J believe that each style of dressing can hide a double personality.


The selection of materials that make up our sneakers is a fundamental step in the conception of each model. From the choice of the finest leathers to the testing of new technologies that guarantee the best performance and comfort. Particular attention is also given to the use of recycled plastics and other environmentally friendly materials.

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